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The DCESON held its general meeting and marked the 60th birth day of ato Andargachew Tsige

The members of the Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway (DCESON) held the 3rd and 4th quarterly regular meeting on February 14, 2015 starting at 13:30 (1:30 p.m.). This meeting was in accordance with the bylaws of the organization and reports were also presented and discussed on. Members living in different parts of Norway came to Oslo to attend the meeting.



The meeting was opened by holding a minute of silence for all the victims of the TPLF in the past 24 years.  The opening was led by ato Abi Amare, the public relations head of the DCESON. Following this, ato Yohannes Alemu the chairman of the DCESON made welcoming remarks and noted that the day`s meeting differed from the previous ones in two ways.



  1. The marking of ato Andargachew Tsige`s 60th birth day.
  2. The marking of the 10th anniversary of the DCESON.

Ato Yohannes Alemu spoke about the accomplishments and achievements of the DCESON in the past 10 years. He noted that the DCESON works to attain and is guided by the vision  of Kinijit and the role of the young in the struggle to remove the TPLF from power. He is proud of pursuing the vision and goal of Kinijit and called on the young to strengthen their struggle. In concluding his speech, ato Yohannes emphasized that we shall bring about the release of ato Andargachew Tsige and the other political prisoners (prisoners of conscience) through our struggle.


The heads of the different sections of the organization presented their 6 month reports on the works they planned and carried out. The representatives from the cities of Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim presented their reports too. Questions were raised and the chairman answered and gave explanations. Representatives responsible for the political parties the DCESON supports (Patriots-Ginbot7, Blue Party and UDJP) presented their evaluations of the activities

Objectives and situations of the respective parties. The representative of Patriots-Ingot 7 Dr. Mulualem Adam

, spoke about the significance and need for merger and the recent merger of the Patriotic Front and Ginbot7, the new name of the organization; Patriots-Ginbot7 and the persons leading it. Ato Tezera Dessie presented his report on the Blue party and noted that despite the hurdles and challenges faced, it is continuing the peaceful struggle. He recommended the continued support of the DCESON to the party. Ato Yohannes Alemu made brief comments on the UDJP and expressed his regret over the dissolution of the party by the TPLF. About 90 percent of the leadership and members of the UDJP have joined the Blue party and the DCESON should stop supporting the UDJP as it is now. The members unanimously agreed to continue supporting the Patriots-Ginbot7 and Blue party. The general meeting ended at 16:30 (4:30 p.m.) following the closing remarks by ato Daniel Abebe the vice-chairman of the



The next event was the marking of the 60th birth day of ato Andargachew Tsige to which all Ethiopians

Were invited and took active part in. This event was opened by ato Yohannes Alemu who made short remarks about ato Andargachew Tsige. The youth section of the DCESON screened a short film about Andarachew Tsige. Then, a close acquaintance of

of alto Andargachew Tsige spoke about the latter`s life and significant contributions to the struggle. Poems focusing on the struggle and contributions of ato Andargachew were also read during the event. The event ended at 22:00 (10:00p.m.) with the cutting birth day cakes contributed by Oslo and TrondhDSC_0070DSC_0106

ing of the song (lanchi new hagere).

On behalf of the organization and committee, we thank the youth section of the DCESON for organizing and leading the event.

Victory to the people of Ethiopia.