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Statement by the Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway

Statement by the Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway (DCESON) Date : 08.12.2015
We the members of the DCESON strongly condemn the killings the regime of the Tigray People`s Liberation Front has perpetuated against the students of the Oromo and civilians in Gondar in Ethiopia. The TPLF regime has intensified its repressions and use of force against civilians in different parts of the country. The repressive measures of the regime have created a dangerous and worrisome situation in the country. In spite of the repressions and killings, Ethiopians have continued to oppose and protest against the regime in the Oromo and Gondar regions.

The TPLF regime has continued to step up its use of force and repressive measures against the young in schools and University students. The regime has reacted to the protests by leashing its brutal security forces that have been beating, killing and imprisoning the protesters. However, the Public anger and protests are increasing and spreading in the country. The violent responses of dictatorial ethnic regime are inflaming the situation.

The TPLF regime has hidden agenda behind the so called Addis Ababa master plan it made public a year ago. The master plan sparked wide spread protests in the Oromo region and the Security forces of the regime killed, imprisoned and tortured many protesters then too. The high officials of the regime have threatened all those who oppose and protest against the master plan.The DCESON believes that the TPLF regime has come up with the so called Addis Ababa Master Plan to intensify the urban land grab its officials, members and cadres are conducting.

The master plan is part of the regime`s corruption scheme designed to expand its land grab policy. Many residents have been displaced from the different areas (Abu Chefe, Gelan, Kilinto Kersan, Bole, Yerer Ber and Gola). The land grab has led to displacements and sufferings. Every Ethiopian should condemn these illegal and undemocratic measures the regime is taking against citizens. Thus, the public does have any confidence in the regime and does not believe in the official reasons and arguments for the implementation of the master plan.

The racist regime of the TPLF had prevented inmates from the big prison fire that engulfed the prison in the town of Gondar, The cells were locked and many inmates have lost their lives in the fire. Those who managed to escape the inferno were shot and killed by the forces of the regime. This is a horrendous crime even the fascists had not committed during the second world war. The TPLF has been spreading its vicious hatred and divisions in Ethiopia since its inception. As part of its nightmare of creating the independent Tigray, the TPLF has annexed fertile lands from the Gondar region of Wolqait Tegede and declared war on the residents there. In addition, the TPLF has made secret deal with the government f Sudan to transfer a large chunk of fertile Ethiopian land to the sovereignty of the latter. The deal will be implemented this month and we call on all Ethiopians to stand up and defend the sovereignty of our country.

Dear Ethiopians; We should unite and rise together to foil the dangerous conspiracy of the TPLF to divide Ethiopians and disintegrate our country.

Victory to the people of Ethiopia,
Democratic change in Ethiopia support organization in Norway (DCESON).