Posted January 16, 2014 in Amharic news

DCESON’s former chairman message

Thank you for visiting our Web-site,

As we know we have reached at a cross road in our history.  When we have to make a choice to save our country and to help ourselves out of the grave of poverty, ignorance, lack of rights (freedom) and to determine our own destiny. Indeed, it is the right and duty of every Ethiopian’s to look for the right way in determining the destiny of the political and economic of our country.

By now there is an actual need for a consolidation among Ethiopia’s splintered opposition political groupings to fight TPLF/EPRDF ethnic based dictatorial regime. Throughout history dictators have invented new tools and methods to prolong their life, but no dictator has survived the wrath of the people. The recent people’s riots and revolutions in Tunis, Libya and Egypt are good examples in the twenty first centuries, therefore the current TPLF/EPRDF leaders forcefully should have to learn from our African neighbors instead of making many superfluous laws on an overnight to threat the Ethiopian people’s.


We believe, if we unite together we can make a difference.