Posted March 12, 2015 in News

Let’s support ultimate struggle for building democratic SYSTEM in Ethiopia.

There was no reign or rule in the history of Ethiopia like the rule of Woyane under which Ethiopians humiliated, undignified, undermined and lost their identity. At present the fundamental trouble of Ethiopia and its citizen is not just an abridgment or depletion of basic democratic and human rights but also the sovereignty of the country is under great danger to continue or prevail as a unified country.

In consequence, our freedom fighters are sacrificing their lives to the freedom of our people and emancipate our country from the imposed danger. For the reason democratic change in Ethiopia support organization Norway will hold grand public meeting and supporting program on April 18 205. Therefore we kindly request all Ethiopians who live in Norway to take part or share by accomplishing all necessary supports and contributions to this historical event. You are invited to the event and requested to invite friends, families and others to the event.

Date April 18 2015
Time 15:00 through 22:00
Place, will be announced soon
For further information please visit our Facebook page

Freedom, Justice, Equality and Democracy to the people of Ethiopia
Ethiopia will be glorified forever
Democratic change in Ethiopia support organization Norway.