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Ethiopians in Norway discussed the current political situation in Ethiopia and the role of the Diaspora

April 16, 2014

This meeting was organized by the Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway (DCESON) and took place on the 12th of April 2014 in Oslo from 15.00-21:00 p.m.


It was attended by around 200 Ethiopians who live in Oslo and the other parts of Norway. The guest speaker at the meeting was ato Bizuneh Tsige who is the member of the leadership of Ginbo7 movement for justice, democracy and freedom. The guest speaker held a broad speech.

The public meeting was opened by holding a minute of silence to remember the victims of the TPLF racist rulers and prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia. The minute of silence was led by ato Abi Amare who is in charge of the public relations part of the DCESON. Following this, ato Yohannes Alemu, the chairman of the DCESON spoke about how the DCESON was established and its objectives. He told the participants that the organization at the moment supports the UDJ party that is based in Ethiopia and Ginbot7 that is based in exile (abroad). Moreover, he stressed that all Ethiopians should overcome their differences and contribute to the decisive all sided struggle to get rid of the racist rule of the TPLF in Ethiopia.


The guest speaker ato Bizuneh Tsige spoke about the history of the struggle of Ethiopians beginning from the period of the rule of Emperor Haile Selaasie to the present one. He pointed out that the current racist TPLF rule is totally different from the preceding governments because it is based on and fosters ethnicity. Ato Bizuneh Tsige also mentioned the causes for the collapse of the two former governments and dealt in detail with the clear causes that can bring about the rapid collapse of the TPLF regime. He mentioned the following two issues as the significant ones in the present Ethiopian politics.

1. The current conflict between the Muslim community and the TPLF regime.

2. The opposition to the renaissance dam.

In relation to the opposition of the Muslim community, he indicated that the struggle is peaceful and the TPLF regime has not been able to suppress it. He admires the struggle. The regime has not addressed and answered the demands of the Muslim community and he does not expect any positive or constructive response from the TPLF regime. The evidence for this view is the fact that the regime has not met any of the four demands of the Muslim community so far. Besides, the regime has arrested the leaders of the Muslim community on the basis of fabricated charges. The prisoners are languishing in the regime`s prison without the due process of law. He could not say how long the struggle of the Muslims will continue as it is now but he said he does not believe the struggle will continue and go long without changing its present direction. He stated that the struggle of the Muslim community can succeed as part of the overall struggle of Ethiopians for their basic human and democratic rights. This struggle should go further and include all the rights.

Concerning the issue of the renaissance dam, he explained that the regime has come up with this idea or project to distract the attention of the public from the repression and crisis in the country. The TPLF dictatorship does not have any national vision and has gone to the extent of giving away Ethiopian land.

The opposition forces in the Diaspora have foiled all the attempts of the TPLF regime to mobilize and collect money through selling bonds and direct contributions from the Diaspora. Ethiopians living in Norway have also foiled the same attempts of the regime to sell bonds and collect money in Norway. He concluded his speech by stating that the issue of the dam can cause the fall of the TPLF regime and its current confrontation with Egypt can create a dangerous condition and be harmful to Ethiopia.

Following this, the guest speaker responded to the several and various questions raised by the participants and wide ranging discussions were held. Later on, the vice chairman of the DCESON ato Daniel Abebe made s statement of declaration of position and said that the DCESON condemns the repression and human rights violations the TPLF is committing against the people of Ethiopia. He also reiterated that the DCESON will continue to stand by and support Ginbot 7. He thanked ato Bizuneh for coming and speaking to the participants.

The song of Ginbot 7 popular force was sung in the beginning and end of the meeting by the singers and the participants were entertained by Ethiopian cultural music. Ethiopian dishes prepared by the women`s section of the DCESON were also served during the meeting. The whole meeting was led by ato Fikre Assefa. In the end, the DCESON thanks all who contributed to the success of the meeting, came from the other parts of Norway and members of the organization.

Victory to the people of Ethiopia.