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Free the young women of Blue Party (Norway)


Ethiopians’ struggle for justice, freedom and democracy is continuing today in and outside of the country. Democratic change in Ethiopia support organization-Norway (DCESON) is one of the organizationformed in Norway to support the struggle.

The objective of DCESON is to support and to encourage the oppositions in and outside of Ethiopia which are believed to bring the real democratic change, peace and stability in the country as well as in the region.

It is on the basis of this fundamental principle that DCESON strongly oppose the intimidation, imprisonment and beatings of Semayawi party members following March 9, woman’s day in Ethiopia.

The young women of Semayawi Party who took to the streets of Addis Ababa during the 5km run held as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8. cried out the truth to the abusers of power:

The Semayawi Party young women leaders and members joined the 5k run sponsored by the government just like everybody else. They broke no law. They did not throw a single stone. Not a single piece of property was damaged. Semayawi Party women did not even use a single abusive word. They did it all peacefully.

But they do not want to be a propaganda prop for the regime. They run to call attention to the misery and despair of the people. They run for democracy, justice and freedom.

At the end of the 5k run, seven young Semayawi Party women were arrested, beaten and jailed. Among the victims of human rights abuse include Meron Alemayehu, Mignote Mekonnen, Metasebiya Tekle, Weyni Neguse, Negest Wondyfra, Woynshet Molla, and Emebet Girma. Another three young men who hold top Semayawi Party positions, including Getaneh Balcha (Head of Organizational Affairs), Berhanu Tekleyared (Head of Public Relations) and Abel Ephrem (a member of Public Relations Committee) were also jailed when they went to inquire on the condition of the young women detainees.

Repeated attempts to crack down the Blue Party have become a tool to intimidate critics and weaken Political dissent. The strategy is simple: Distract, harass, intimidate and side-track Semayawi Party leaders and members and paralyze them from participation in the so-called election.

The government of TPLF should bear all responsibility engendered by these illegitimate and illegal measures.

We kindly request the government of Norway to use its power as co-chair for the human right and democracy sub group in Ethiopia, to urge the Ethiopian government –

1. To immediately and unconditionally release all young woman and Semayawi party leaders arrested on the 9th of March 2014 woman’s day.

2. To immediately and unconditionally drop all cases against the above that are being investigated solely on account of their exercise of basic human rights.

3. We also kindly request the Norwegian government to attach aid to the internationally accepted principles of human rights and the rule of law.

DCESON also appeals to International Community to stop supporting the dictatorship TPLF regime that has engaged in terrorizing the Ethiopian people and that does not respect the principles of democracy, human rights and rule of law.

Freedom, justice and democracy to all Ethiopians!

Ethiopia shall prevail!

With regards,

Democratic change in Ethiopia support organization Norway

Norway, Oslo
17 March,2014