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By Lomita Baheru


In my ponit of view the history of ethiopia, colonializm and fighting for freedom and unity have long relation in the nations history .Literal defination of colonialism is exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one or the use of the weaker country’s resources to strengthen and enrich the stronger country. In addition to this, policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas is also chatagorized as colonialism.

I just wanted to mention some of these leders to elaborate the aspect.


Ethiopia was reunified in 1855 by Tewodros II, It was the beginning of Ethiopia’s modern history. As great leder of Ethiopia he amonge with heros of his times was able to defended the country from an Egyptian invasion in 1874.


A more rapid modernisation took place under Menelik II. Under Menelik II Ethiopia defeated Italian invasion in 1896 and came to be recognised as a legitimate state by European powers.


Haile Selassie, who is historical leader to found Arican Union. The modern Italian army annexed Ethiopia in 1935 and combined it with its other colonies to create Italian East Africa, forcing Haile Selassie to flee out of the country. Haile Selassie address the matter for the whole world and UN at that time. A joined force of British and Ethiopian rebels managed to drive the Italians out of the country in 1941, and Haile Selassie was returned to the throne.

This and many other leaders of our own has played their role as a great leader .However, in contrary to these leaders, EPRDF or TPLF is implementing controling mechanism of the country by meaans of internal colonialism.

Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF)/ The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front The current government of Ethiopia (EPRDF) come to power in 1991 G.C. Since,  they came to power start destabilize the country by implementing internal colonialism and  dividing the people by their ethnical group, making the people enemy to one another.

Internal colonialism is a notion of structural political and economic inequalities between regions within a nation state and clearly creats uneven effects of economic development on a regional basis known as “uneven development“, and exploitation of minority groups within a wider society. The government is implementing this idea by controling the following and other aspects to succed on the matter.

The first one is by controling the rule of low. As it is clealy stated in our constitution the loe is the superior and everyone under the loe is equal. However, the exact opposit is what is implemented in our country.There is absolutely no rule of law since EPRDF came to power 24 years back.

In addition to this, in our constitution and many international laws democatic government have three parts each with its own clear resposiblity Executive Branch: acting as chief law enforcement , Legislative Branch: make the laws, Judicial Branch: Headed by the Supreme Court. Its powers include interpreting the Constitution, reviewing laws, and deciding cases involving states’ rights.

These three groups are responsible for democratic situation of one country and provides check and balance in the system. Even thouh, this roles and responsible parts are clearly stated in the constitution, the actual senariyo is far more different. The low maker the low enforcer and the low interpreater is one and the same which is EPRDF(TPLF).

The second one is by controlling freedom of Poletical Opposition parties.Major breaking event in peaceful political opposition took place in 2005 election. It was clear that people of ethiopia were united and were ready for change. However, the action EPRDF took resulted to a total of 199 people (193 civilians and six policemen) and 763 were injured, and showed that EPRDF is not willing to negotiate in democratically. Sinse  2005  election  all  poltical  opposition  are  not  free  exercise  by  the  gov. Leaders and supporter of opposition political parties are facing arbitrary arrest torture and ill treatment from time to time.

In addition to this the government also control Freedom of speech. To put it in simple words According to Human Rights Watch 2013 report Ethiopia is the second country in Africa in terms of the number of jailed journalist.  According to amnesty international annual report in 2013 about Ethiopia it stated the state stifled freedom of expression, severely restricting the activities of the independent media, political opposition parties and human rights organizations. Jounalist,  activist  and poltical leders who  crtisize the govermenet are sent to jail with alegation of being terrorist like Ekender nega , Reyot Alemu,Yusuf Getachew Andualem Arrage and many more.

The government is also controling freedome of each religion, religious places including their leader .In our constitution it clearly states that government and religion are separated and one could not interfer on the other. However, It reached to a point where peopls couldnt practice there relegion freely and a lot of religious leaders are dying and are in prison till this day, religious moastries are being given to private investors while their leaders are forced to leave, we are seeing election of religious leaders taking place in woredas and kebele level .

Inspite all the government is practicing Land Grabbing and Vigilization. TPLF has already gave Millions of acres of Ethiopia’s most fertile lands to foreign investors, often in long-term leases. Peoples living for years are forcly evicted to free up their land and ressetle where they could not access adequate food , water and medical care. Peoples are being forced to become dependent on aid handouts having lost their land and their ability to produce their own food. The government has already moved 200,000 households into 388 resettlement centers.

It seems like the government has already prepared a place for those who passes all the above limits which is called Maekelawi among the other prisons. On report of Land info in 2013 about Ethiopia prison state that the exact number of prisons is unknown, but there are an estimated 120 federal and regional prisons. In addition to this, there are prisons and detention centres connected to police stations and on the woreda and kebele administrative levels. In 2010 it was estimated that 86,000 were imprisoned, but the figure is very uncertain prisoners facing serious abuse and intimidation. Being whipped with wires and electrical cords and threats of being injected with HIV-infected blood are some of the methods used.

These are some of the acts i mentioned here but there are more actions that proffs that Ethiopia was and still is under internal colonialism for the past 24 years by TPLF. As our previous father thought us we should be free of coloney and for that we should unit ourselves.  There are obviously two options to end this power once and for all. The first one is Peacefull opposition, however as hstory thought as in 2005 election and the act of TPLF today this is not the best choice.

The other option is To overtrow this regm by armed force. I believe we  must  use  all  possible  means  of struggles  including  aremed  forces this is the way the regiem could be defeated and regain the previous name of Ethiopia. There for as responisible citizens we should  all unit our selves to support every opposition parties and armed forces which belev in one ethiopia and freedom of its people.  Otherwise, only shame will be left for the next generation to refer as a history!!!




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