Posted April 16, 2013 in News

Press Release: Ethiopians in Norway

Ethiopians in Norway

The recent forceful eviction of members of the Amharas from Benishangul-Gumuz andSouthern region in Ethiopia was an obvious case of ethnic cleansing. This is a serious crime, racist act as well as a gross human rights violation. The eviction has been done in an inhuman way which even led to the death of many innocent people including children and women. Human rights advocates also confirmed that the deportation is illegal according to Ethiopian and international law.

The TPLF\EPRDF regime in Ethiopia has been committing several crimes against the people of Ethiopia in the past many years. As it has been documented by several independent local and international organizations like human rights watch, so many innocent Ethiopians including political activists and journalists who criticized TPLF have been killed, tortured, imprisoned and forced to fly out of the country by this cruel group so called TPLF.

We Ethiopians who are living in Norway hereby strongly condemn this barbaric act of eviction of the Amharas from Benishangul-Gumuz, Southern and other parts of Ethiopia. We also condemn all human rights atrocities committed by TPLF.

In this regard we will hold a protest demonstration and other activists in order to;

  1. Be the voice for the voiceless,
  2. Show our solidarity with the victims,
  3. Expose this diabolical act,
  4. Create an international pressure,
  5. Confirm our continual struggle for freedom and justice in Ethiopia.

Justice for the oppressed!

Ethiopians in Norway!