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Letter of Congratulations to President Barack Obama

Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization Norway


To:- The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington , DC 20500

Ref.No. 00116\12


(Letter of Congratulations to President Barack Obama).. to read PDF document press this link

On behalf of Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization Norway (DSCESON) Executive Committee and members, we would like to express our most sincere congratulations upon your re-election as President of the United States of America.

Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization Norway \DCESON\ is a support organization that supports and encourages the oppositions in and outside Ethiopia which are believed to bring the real democratic changes, peace and stability in the country as well as in the region. Our support organization works hard for the establishment of institutions that would realize the true democratic changes. For now, DCESON believes that Unity for democracy and Justice (UDJ), one of five opposition party members of Medrek, which operates legally in Ethiopia and Ginbot7 movement for justice, freedom and democracy (Ginbot7), can make our dreams come true.

It is our hope that the opportunity to strengthen the peace, freedom and democracy, between Ethiopians and Americans who are dedicated to the mentioned causes will be even more pronounced during your second term as President of USA.

The destiny of our two peoples is intimately connected as of the early 1900.

Mr. President,

Ethiopia is a country with a population of 90million, your key ally in the work for peace and stability in the horn of Africa. We understand that Ethiopia is geographically and strategically important and interesting as a long term partner to your country. Though the relationship has been good between the two countries, there are, dark and untold stories that we would like to bring to your presidential attention.

  1. Press:- There is no free press in Ethiopia at present. In this 21st centaury, where the media/press technology is abundant everywhere, the Ethiopian people have access only to the local TV and newspapers, which are controlled by the ruling party, TPLF\EPRDF. The only radio-broadcasting unit all the media and press is under this party`s communications department. There are no independent newspapers in the country. The few that dare venture into practicing the freedom of press rights are routinely harassed and their publishers and editors spend most of their time in their rubberstamp court and prison. Many journalists who could not bear up with the imprisonment, harassment, and life threatening tortures, flee the country. Ethiopian exiled journalists number highest in the world. This fact by itself is enough enlightenment about the human rights situation in Ethiopia.

2. Political Party and Civic organizations:- The ruling party, TPLF\EPRDF, does not allow real independent political parties or civic organizations, which stand for the development of democratic institutions and cultures. On paper there are over eighty political parties and a few civic organizations in the country, but they are all the creations of the TPLF\EPRDF. The few that dare to organize independently are subjected to harassment, intimidation, imprisonment, exile and even murder. The Ethiopian prisons are crowded with political prisoners. You know this.

3. Administration:- TPLF\EPRDF has divided the country into what is known as Kilil (Region). Kilil is an ethnically oriented version of Apartheid, (the system that the White South Africans set up to control black citizens for decades).

According to the Kilil administrative system, an individual is appointed by the minority elite group, TPLF. This local puppet is put there for show purposes only, and is basically controlled and manipulated by the one who put him there, the TPLF elite.

TPLF controls the Army and Security services with all commanders handpicked from their ethnic group. Ninety five percent of high-ranking military officials belong to the minority elite ethnic group of TPLF.

4. Economy:– All land belongs to the state. The Ethiopian people have the status of sharecroppers. When TPLF\EPRDF took power twenty one years ago, as facilitated by US State Department, it created a congromoalate of a company called EFFORT, which is controlled by minority elite ethnic group. All major confiscated business and property were given to EFFORT and today it is the premier corporation in the country involved in banking, transportation, manufacturing, import export and the service businesses, education and technology. The profit from all this goes directly to this elite minority circus. None of it is benefiting the ordinary Tigrian people. But it is being robbed from the Ethiopian people.

EFFORT owns 90% of the country`s capital.

5.  Immigration: – The number of Ethiopian Exiles ranks among the highest in the world and the highest from Africa. It is open air truth that Ethiopians today are the number one victims of accidents in the Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, while trying to escape to safety. This is due to the ill political and unbearable social conditions that the minority elite ethnic group TPLF/EPRDF creates.

It can be understandable that the USA needs good allies who can assist it to fight terrorism and to protect their interest in the region of the horn of Africa. But it is not understandable to us that innocent Ethiopians in the millions are being made to suffer torture, imprisonment, exile, forced displacement from their homes, getting killed while trying to escape to safety, being murdered.


Dear Mr. President,

As you promised during your first election campaign, as you promised after your first election victory, as you confirmed that you did not have place for dictators and tyranny, we did believe you and supported you fully; we had hopes that there would be real democratic change in the worst dictatorial regimes in the world, like Ethiopia; but the actual scenario we got was disturbing and hopeless and your administration did nothing to fulfill your promise of an Ethiopia that is free from dictators.

We at DCESON need from you more action than words and we the peace, freedom and democracy loving Ethiopians from all over the world, when we congratulate you on your victory for second term presidency, we urge you and your country to deliver what was promised, in the democratization process in Ethiopia.


Dawit Mekonnen

Matebe Melese

Gizachew W\Amanuel

Fikrie Zelekew

Zufan Amare

Mengiste Asmare

Belete Wubet

Dawit Wasihun


Victory to Ethiopians,

Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization Norway (DCESON)

November, 08, 2012