Posted November 2, 2012 in News

Inglorious end of a brutal dictator.

Meles Zenawi, a man whose rule was characterized by ethnic dictatorship, gross human rights abuse, political repression, nepotism, and corruption has passed away. When Meles came to the Ethiopian political scene two decades ago, he had the perfect historical opportunity to end the cycle of political violence, injustice, ethnic inequality and poverty that debilitated Ethiopia for centuries. Instead, he chose the route that kept him and his cronies in perpetual power and privilege at the cost of the nation and its people.

The aspiration of the people of Ethiopia for freedom, justice, equality, and prosperity were met with divide and rule policy, repression, blatant ethnic favouritism, corruption and an empty growth rhetoric that enriched the selected few. No leader in the history of Ethiopia has damaged the social fabric of the society and endangered the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia as Meles Zenawi did. Despite what his ethnic loyalists and international fans may say, ethnic dictatorship, judicial manipulation, political repression and corruption are Zenawi’s legacy and these and only these are what he will be remembered for.

Obviously, Meles and his era are behind us, but the ethnic bantustanism, the system of corruption, and the repressive political machinery that he built for 21 years are not going anywhere. The repressive and exploitative political and economic institutions and his ethnic allies who helped him build these institutions are still alive and trying to carryover his legacy.  All in all, the death of Meles Zenawi has not changed and will not change the fundamental ideology and structure of the TPLF regime.

Ginbot7, Movement for justice freedom and democracy uses this opportunity to remind all Ethiopians that the colossal task of dismantling the TPLF system and building a true democratic Ethiopia falls on the shoulder of the Ethiopian people. The death of Meles Zeanwi may create its own opportunity, but this must not distract us from our goals and objectives. Instead, we the people of Ethiopia should correct our mistakes of the past and focus on a genuine democratic transition where the people are the only source of political power. We must continue the struggle to build a prosperous nation that treats its people equally and respects the liberty and pursuit of happiness its citizens.

We urge leaders of the TPLF regime to correct Meles Zenawi’s historical mistakes and use this opportunity to facilitate the peaceful democratization of Ethiopia, and respect the aspiration of the Ethiopian people for freedom, democracy, equality, justice and prosperity.

Ginbot7, Movement for justice freedom and democracy calls on the people of Ethiopia and the various political and civic groups to intensify the struggle to free the Ethiopian people from Meles Zenawi’s legacy of political, economic, and social injustice.