Posted August 31, 2012 in News

Eritrean government Pays Tribute to Meles Zenawi

Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – Ambassador Biniam Berhe, Political attaché, at the office of Eritrean Permanent Mission to the African Union in Addis Ababa has paid tribute to the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi yesterday.

The young Eritrean diplomat has arrived to view the coffin of the Prime Minister and to sign the book of condolence with various African diplomats at Meles’ official residence of the national palace where his body was lying.

Upon assuming power in 1991, Meles boldly confronted the Eritrean question and in the teeth of fierce opposition within his own party, he decided to organize a referendum to give the people of Eritrea the opportunity to decide between remaining in Ethiopia and secession. The referendum took place in 1993, and the new State of Eritrea was established.

By allowing Eritrea to move to independence, Ethiopia became a landlocked state as the port of Assab, through which it conducted the bulk of its external trade became situated in the independent state of Eritrea