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Democratic Change in Ethiopia support organization in Norway press release on Meles Death

Ref No:-00101\12
Date:- 25\08\12
New era for the people of Ethiopia
Melese Zenawie was the worst dictator in the 21st century and gross human right abuser died at the age of 57 on 20 Aug, 2012. When Meles came to the Ethiopian political scene before 21 years ago, he had the perfect historical opportunity to end the cycle of political violence, injustice, ethnic inequality and poverty that debilitated Ethiopia for centuries, but he deliberately not used this opportunity for the aspiration of the people of Ethiopia for freedom; justice, equality, and prosperity were met with divide and rule policy.
Obviously, Meles and his era has gone, but the problem he created still a big assignment for us, such as, the ethnic division, the system of corruption, and the repressive political machinery that he built for 21 years are head of us.
DCESON, Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway uses this opportunity to remind all Ethiopians that the task of dismantling the TPLF system and building a true democratic Ethiopia falls on the shoulder of the Ethiopian people,
The death of Meles Zeanwi may create its own opportunity for the TPLF regime to correct Meles Zenawi’s historical mistakes and use this opportunity to facilitate the peaceful democratization and rule of law in Ethiopia, reconciliation with all political factions group in and outside the country, and the unconditional release of all political prisoners.
DCESON, Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway calls on the people of Ethiopia and the various political and civic groups to unite and struggle to free the Ethiopian people from Meles Zenawi’s legacy.Victory to the people of Ethiopia
Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization in Norway /DCESON/
Norway, Oslo, August, 25, 2012