Posted July 18, 2012 in News

Woyane without Meles is still Woyane

The health of an individual is a private affair. I am not asking Meles Zenawi’s family to tell us about his health situation. What we all know now is he has been admitted to Saint Luc University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium a couple of days ago. What we know is this same hospital is where he is going yearly or semi annually for check up.On the last public picture of Meles Zenawi at G20 gathering in Mexico on June 18 he has lost weight and looked very pale. He must have gone to deep crisis mentally or otherwise since he was humiliated in Washington, DC on G8 gathering a month ago, on May 18 . Those who are in medical field can help us understand the impact of “sudden shock” on someones health condition. Is it the Abebe Gellaw Factor that brought Meles Zenawi to the current situation? Did Meles go to Mexico to show that he was in control? That was a big miscalculation for “smart” leader.

The ruling elites/mafia after Meles No Show on African Union gathering this past weekend were forced to admit that their prime minster is ill but in good condition. Ethiopian tax payers are paying the bill and it is important to know how much so far his medical expense cost poor Ethiopia. The man who is known for not missing worldwide events can not disappear from his backyard unless he is seriously sick.

If Meles Zenawi is on “forced vacation” as alleged by Woyane Website Aiga yesterday after it wrote a piece sounding like obituary, the damage has already been done. The minority elites are planning a new chapter without their “Genius” Meles Zenaw to rule Ethiopia forever. They try to rally their few supporters that they are going to carry Meles Zenawi “Vision”. Work for the interest of foreign powers at the expense of Ethiopia on their way enriching themselves. If any friction to come it might be only on the Loot!

The West/East will keep closely working with Ethiopia without Meles Zenawi. They will pump money to get more money and continue with their diplomatic support. The Ethiopian people have to sacrifice more to get their freedom because there is no one for them except themselves. If Syrians has yet to succeed after sacrificing in tens of thousands why should we be different? We have to match the Talk with Walk. We should not apologize for anyone in carrying arms. Is it not the West/Saudi now who is shipping arms to the Syrian oppositions? Who is to be called a terrorist? The fighters or Assad?

Woyane will only be forced to give power if it see bullets flying all over Ethiopia. Let the bullets fly all over Ethiopia to bury Woyane once and for all. With or without Meles Zenawi Woyane remains anti Ethiopia and pro foreign powers. If we love our country let us join the armed struggle Now!