Posted July 18, 2012 in News

The Reporter confirms Meles will not back to Duty!

by Muse Abebe

Wednesday issue of the pro-Meles Amharic weekly Reporter confirms today that Meles Zenawi will be out of his duties apparently due to the severity of his illness. Though Reporter attempts to send a message that Meles is getting better, the confirmation made by the paper that he could not assume his duties any time soon is an indication that Meles is rather in a bad condition. Reporter, a pro-TPLF paper, is known for publishing bogus news articles when it considers the regime grip to power is threatened. This had been clearly observed in the aftermath of the 2005 general elections. Up to the Election Day, Reporter was publishing objective news on the election campaign. But after it has become clear that TPLF lost the election, it automatically changed its position and began to side with TPLF. It had published a number of articles that undermined the role of opposition parties. Since the death or infirmity of Meles seriously undermines the TPLF mafia operation and facilitate its downfall, it has now come up with news that contains contradictory statements. On the one hand, Reporter claims that Meles is in good health while it states that he will not assume his duties any time soon. If the Prime Minister is really in good condition as it is claimed by the Reporter, he should assume his duties, at least to address pending issues such as presenting his performance report to the parliament.

Due to the fact that authorities of the regime are worried by the risks of the spreading of Meles’s death or infirmity, they are using every possible means to buy time and address the internal power struggle. Since the people will not believe or accept the credibility of any news coming from ETV or other government owned media, they are desperately attempting to halt the viral dissemination of the death or near death of the dictator through private papers such as Reporter. As we know in the past, such piece of article published on the Reporter originates from the security apparatus. After the country’s intelligence officials contacted Reporter to publish this story, there is now plan to make wider propaganda through various media that portrays Meles is getting better and it is business as usual. Since the regime is known for fabricating and falsifying facts, the public will not be deceived by the news that states he is well unless the dictator himself is  back to duty and speak out as Isayas Afewprqi of Eritrea  did a couple of weeks ago. Unless otherwise he comes to back to his duty, the public need to be caution about any statements coming from government owned and other pro-TPLF media about the condition of Meles. Rather, the opposition and the public need to be aware and maintain national unity to bring about democratic change using this opportunity.