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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Tawfiq Islamic Center Management
Press Release
March 15, 2012

Minneapolis, MN

The Ethiopian Muslim Community in Minnesota is deeply saddened and outraged by the continued and intensified flagrant attacks being carried out by the Ethiopian Government against Muslim population.

Last Thursday night on the eve of Friday, the Ethiopian security forces forced themselves in to the Awalia Mosque in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and violently disrupted a preparation for Sadaqah (Charity) event planned to be held the next day. The notorious security forces fired tear-gas and life bullets into the mosque killing and wounding a number of people. Moreover, they looted the property of the Muslim Community which includes a large amount of meat, rice, livestock, vegetables, utensils and many other things the community contributed for the event. All these violence by the security forces are done without any provocation on the parts of the Muslim Community, in the campus of the mosque and with full disrespect for the law of the land they supposed to withhold. In the same way, last night, the security forces raid three other mosques in the capital and caused many damages to properties.

This state sponsored terrorism, harassment and aggression is systematic, deliberate and unjustifiable by any stretch of imagination. Despite all these incitement and aggravation on the part of the government, the Ethiopian Muslim community remained calm and restrained from any harmful behavior.

What is very disturbing is this state sponsored terrorism is obviously to continue since the Ethiopian Government is openly admitted and written in its the so called 5-year Development and Transformation Plan that they are going to convert the Ethiopian

Muslim, by force if needed, into its imported cult-like belief. And this plan, if implemented, will indulge the country into an all-out-war.

Our message: To the Ethiopian Government

We demand that the government earnestly address the Muslims’ concern in timely manner and give the Ethiopian Muslim communities throughout the country the right to:

  • Elect their religious leaders at their Mosques without any government interference.
  • We demand that the government unconditionally stop its engagement to coercively impose the Ahbash ideology on Ethiopian Muslims.
  • We demand the government immediately releases the hundreds of Muslims arrested over the last months. We also demand establishment of independent commission that will investigate the killings in Asasa and now in Addis Ababa.

To Our Brothers and Sisters at Home

First of all, we the Muslim Community in the State of Minnesota express our deep sympathy for those of our brothers and sisters at Assasa, Addis Ababa and throughout the country who paid the ultimate price for this noble cause, and we pray for Allah to accept them in JANNAH. We ask Allahu Ta’alaa (All-Mighty God) to give SABR to their akin and loved ones.

We affirm our unreserved and strong support for the Ethiopian Muslim’s rightful quest for their freedom of belief, and freedom from government harassment and interference in their religious affairs

We also reaffirm our unreserved support for and stand by the ‘Committee of 17’ established to seek solution for Ethiopian Muslim demands.

We express our greatest appreciation to our Christian brothers and sisters for sympathy and solidarity you have shown towards our protesters at this trying time.  We call up on you to continue with your solidarity.

We call up on the international community to demand the Ethiopian government respect the religious freedom of its Muslim citizens and refrain from further incitement and violent repression of peaceful demonstrators.

Peace and Dignity to All.

Tawfiq Islamic Center Management
Masjid-at-Tawheed Management
Iqra’i Community Management