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Indian Pharma sector has made rapid strides in both global and domestic market. But the growth pangs were severe for domestic players eyeing greater share of global pie. The slow down in generic approvals by USFDA, the payment problems witnessed in a few developing markets since the quarter ended December 2008 and accelerated genericisation and intense compe.

Your comments about internet and the ease of access to the technology is somewhat hyperbole too. Its true computers didnt have a whole lot of use for people before the internet and the development of the webis what really sparked peoples interest in owning a pc, however, the same may be true about SDCs. In the end there may have to be extreme infrastructure changes to support the use of SDCs.

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I can certainly see arguments on both sides. I raise the question because super cheap jordans it is an unsettled area of law one that, with today’s hyper partisan climate and crusading social media mobs, may well garner attention in coming years. Practitioners on both sides of the employment side would be wise to take note.