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The fares charged by these so called cabs ran as high as $5

New Year is the perfect time to bring changes in your life. However, we make big promises or resolutions at this time every year but always end up breaking them. Therefore, it is better to make small changes that can add up to a great year. If any negative thoughts come into your mind about yourself, change them to more loving and positive ones. It may be a good idea to have a few positive affirmations on hand to help you with this. When you feel better, you can move about your day happier.

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“I need to know if I’m a bad person if I don’t go to the cemetery all the time. My mother in law is constantly asking if I have been to the cemetery. I don’t think of [my husband] being there. As I attend the sporting events that my teenage daughter participates in, I have a tendency to observe my surroundings and reflect. I see her friends, how they act and react with each other, with electronic gadgets glued to their hands and ears. They are at one with today’s social media avalanche.

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